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Vinyl - Al Frozen 2 Pop! Vinyl Star Wars The Rise of A Beautiful Day in Th Pokemon Pop! Game of Thrones Pop! The Office Pop! My Hero Academia Pop! Disney Maleficent 2 P Marvel Avengers Endga Nightmare Before Chri With a large collage community it's no wonder there not only a huge market for current music, but current music on vinyl!

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Charlie sez "Vinyl sales are improving because less and less stores are carrying it and the companies are putting out lots of vinyl. So we kinda created a niche in our market. Just remember, keep this only between me and you, ok?

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They also are catering to the collectors vinyl market of course and will soon have their very own www site. Oh, i almost forgot to mention they have the best selection of 45 rpm records in town! Sales have been pretty good lately. Many of the new reissue and original Hendrix has been selling lately.

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Used turntable sales have been excellent according to Ted. As i was interviewing Ted and taking a few photos a dude came in with a big box of DJ vinyl. Aint vinyl life great! Ted just started a www site which features mostly jazz while eventually he'll have some rock, blues, and vocals eventually appearing.

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For the best stuff you'd be better off calling him because he's not quite learned the internet yet. Seth Phillips and Chris Gallagher run this humble abode where you can not only buy DJ vinyl, you can also listen to the records on Technics turntables before you buy! Wish more vinyl stores did this. Just so ya know, most DJ stores offer this service yet 'audiophile' stores don't.

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Maybe those DJs know something we don't? We cater to DJs with mix tapes and also sell equipment. Seth sez, with a big smile on his face "Vinyl is on the comeback and sounds better then CDs too!

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Anyway, Stratus has all the in and now popular underground new music. Also catering to the DJ market is Urband Wax.

Doug Bliton, cool dude extraordinaire, owns the joint. They carry around 10, mainly new and very small portion of used records. Everything vinyl from house, hip-hop, trip-hop, jungle, ambient, techno, trance, etc. Wu-Tang, Photek, and Aphrodite have been recent faves according to Doug. They mainly carry only the really rave underground. Doug sez: "Once an artist goes mainstream we tend to not sell it as well. Urband Wax is the place for hidden treasures!

This place is like Rod Sterling's "Shadow and Substance" where the customers live in the shadows and their products are filled with substance. In fact i usedta shop here when they were at a small location by a car audio store i usedta manage.


Vinyl records expected to outsell CDs in 12222 for the first time since 1980s

This is truly the underground place! They also carry slip mats, storm watches, mix tapes, and a variety of t-shirts Like Stratus they also have a turntable setup to audition vinyl before you buy it. Therefore the true underground folks are going further into directions some music lovers have dreamed about. Gainesville is filled with a large variety of vinyl shops all of which have great prices!