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If you think you can beat those numbers, you'll need to be extra careful--our Real Weddings Survey showed that nearly half of all Maine brides went over budget Using our budget tool may be helpful in keeping your spending under control. This chart details what people tend to spend their money on when getting married in Maine.

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It may help you determine the areas that need the most budget attention and the ways you can save some money by cutting out certain nonessentials. Maine has many different amazing places for you to host your wedding. From coastal Maine wedding venues to urban hotels, you can have exactly the kind of wedding you want. Wherever you choose to hold your Maine wedding, you and your guests are sure to experience a whole lot of charm, but these two cities are the most popular places in the state to get married:.

Going to the trouble of planning a wedding isn't going to do you much good if you don't make sure you have your legal ducks in a row. Getting married in Maine with an eye on legal requirements is actually pretty easy, though. The state's requirements are straightforward and easy to follow, and we can help make the process even easier. Maine gives municipalities aka city and town governments the ability to issue marriage licenses, so you can deal with your local government for this part of the process rather than having to go to some massive state office.

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However, there are some specific rules about where you should get your license:. There are a few other rules and regulations you should be aware of to obtain your marriage license:. Other specific rules may vary from town to town, so it's a good idea to call the town office well in advance so you can be completely informed on what the process entails and how long it takes.

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The second part of legally getting married in Maine is to work with a valid officiant. Here's a rundown of who can legally perform marriages in the Pine Tree State:. After your ceremony is over, your officiant is responsible for filing your marriage certificate. This must be done at the same municipal office where you applied for your Maine marriage license. There's one more legal hoop to jump through after getting the license and officiant squared away for your Maine wedding. Make sure that the ceremony itself and any items you bring with you to your wedding venue are legally compliant.

Check the rules governing behavior and what you can bring to your Maine wedding venue. Alcohol is not permitted in Maine state parks, for example, but other outdoor areas and public spaces such as municipal parks and beaches may have different rules and may require permits. If you're planning a Maine beach wedding or another kind of outdoor wedding event that isn't on private property, do careful research to make sure you aren't going to be in violation of any rules. This is an area where an experienced local wedding planner can be helpful. There are a lot of places in Maine that are breathtakingly beautiful all year around, however, there is a clear preference toward a certain time of year for Maine weddings.

Summer and fall are overwhelmingly the favorite seasons to get married in this part of the U. Summers are sunny and enjoyably warm without being punishingly hot, and fall brings crisp air and legendarily lovely autumnal colors to the region's deciduous trees. Ninety percent of Maine weddings take place during these two beautiful seasons, and it's easy to see why. Winter weddings in Maine are not popular; only one percent of our survey respondents got married during this time of year in Given that Maine's winters can be quite harsh, this is no surprise.

Though Maine isn't the biggest state in the country, weather can be a bit different in the various regions of the state. For example, Northern Interior and coastal Maine see a lot more summer rainfall than the central parts of the state, something to think about if you want a summertime Maine beach wedding.

In general, though, Maine sees mild summers with average temperatures that top out in the mid-to-high 70s or low 80s. Winters and springs are cold, with average low temperatures that are typically below freezing from November through April. Fall can be brisk, with high averages that go no higher than the low 70s throughout the state. Basically, the important takeaway is that no matter what Maine wedding locations you're considering and what season you're leaning toward, it's a safe bet that the weather will turn chilly once the sun goes down.

Maine's alternate nickname for the Pine Tree State is Vacationland, and it's appropriate.

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This is a popular tourist destination, especially in summertime. If you want to steer clear of peak seasons to fend off logistical headaches on your wedding day, you may want to avoid scheduling your Maine wedding on these dates or during these popular events:. Though some couples choose to celebrate their weddings alone, most invite more than a few guests. In fact, couples getting married in Maine tend to have large weddings. In , the average size for a Maine wedding, according to our study, was people.

So that means unless you're really bucking the trend for a Maine wedding, you're going to have many guests to think about. You can help keep everyone's wedding experience comfortable and positive by using a few tools. Use our wedding website builder to include important details, schedules, maps and other information so you can refer your guests elsewhere instead of having to field a bunch of questions during a busy wedding planning effort.

You can also use our guest list tool to keep track of everyone you've invited and who's actually attending your wedding in Maine. Other than keeping your guest list sorted out and your wedding website well-stocked with helpful info, you can also suggest some activities or even plan some group excursions so you can actually visit with everyone who's coming to your wedding in Maine. This is an especially good idea if your guests are visiting from out of state. Here are some ideas to get you started:.

Getting to Maine from just about anywhere in the world should be fairly easy for you and your guests. Portland and Bangor are both home to relatively large international airports, and there are additional regional airports located throughout the state. Once you all make it into Maine, your next move will depend on where you need to go.

If your Maine wedding will take place in one of the cities with an airport, a quick hotel shuttle or public transit trip may be all that's required. However, if you're planning a Maine beach wedding or a wedding in one of the more remote parts of the state, car rental is probably a smart move.

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The state has a good network of highways and interstates to get you and your guests where you need to go. Interstate 95 runs from north to south through the central part of the state down to Portland on the southern coast, and smaller thoroughfares such as Highway 1 on the coast will get you closer to your final destination. Food is one of the best ways to incorporate some Pine Tree State spirit into your Maine wedding.

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