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Lam, H. Y and Haines, A.

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Jones, T. Lameira, Adriano R. Kriss, G. Dalla and Denney, K. Time variability of emission and absorption in NGC based on modeling the ultraviolet spectrum. Clark, Cory J.

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Lennox, Robert J. Gadouleau, M. Mosa, Fathia A. Geva, S. Mitrenga, Kaja Julia and Alderson-Day, Ben and May, Lucy and Moffatt, Jamie and Moseley, Peter and Fernyhough, Charles 'Reading characters in voices : ratings of personality characteristics from voices predict proneness to auditory verbal hallucinations. Vafadari, A and Philip, G and Jennings, R 'A tool and methodology for rapid assessment and monitoring of heritage places in a disaster and post-disaster context : Syria as a case study. Cheng, Y. Alonso-Herrero, A. A population based study. Halina, Marta and Martin, Joseph D.

Bodirsky, Manuel and Mottet, Antoine and Olsak, Miroslav and Oprsal, Jakub and Pinsker, Michael and Willard, Ross 'Topology is relevant in a dichotomy conjecture for infinite-domain constraint satisfaction problems. Hamzehbahmani, Hamed 'An experimental approach for condition monitoring of magnetic cores with grain oriented electrical steels. Wilson, P.

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R and McCaffrey, K. Brault, Marie L. Rankin-Wright, A. Ellien, A.

Filieri, R. Maksimainen, Johanna P. Norman, Daniel 'Coleridge's humour in The Watchman. Niemiec, Anna and Jullo, Eric and Giocoli, Carlo and Limousin, Marceau and Jauzac, Mathilde 'Dark matter stripping in galaxy clusters : a look at the stellar-to-halo mass relation in the Illustris simulation. Jones, P. Adam, R. Galaxy cluster detection in the wide photometric survey, performance and algorithm selection.

Chen, X. Akrida, Eleni C. Dagstuhl, Germany: Dagstuhl Publishing, Birch, M. Takken, Willlem and Lindsay, Steve 'Increased threat of urban malaria from Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes, Africa. Meins, E. Blennow, M. Bose, Sownak and Frenk, Carlos S. Yang, H. Anbarci, N. Dantchev, Stefan and Galesi, Nicola and Martin, Barnaby 'Resolution and the binary encoding of combinatorial principles.

Steer, Philippe and Croissant, Thomas and Baynes, Edwin and Lague, Dimitri 'Statistical modelling of co-seismic knickpoint formation and river response to fault slip. Banerjee, S. Simpson, J.

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Swinbank, A. Griffin, Andrew J. Proudfoot, J. Robinson, Amy L. Fernyhough, C. Ma, Jie and Montgomery, Catherine 'Constructing sustainable international partnerships in Higher Education : linking the strategic and contingent through interpersonal relationships in the UK and China. Wilson, R. De Jong, N.

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Hendry, Robin Findlay 'Elements and first principles in chemistry. Lomas, Kathryn '"Vicinitas ": neighbourhoods, networks and identities in Ciceronian Italy.

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Revista de Historia Antigua. Laurentis, Giuseppe De and Maitre, Daniel 'Extracting analytical one-loop amplitudes from numerical evaluations. Aubrun, S. Abel, S. Nolan-Grant, Candace R.

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Mertzios, G. Philpott, Jordan D. Brozzoli, Claudio and Roy, Alice C. He, Jian-hua 'Accurate method to determine the systematics due to the peculiar velocities of galaxies in measuring the Hubble constant from gravitational-wave standard sirens. Pozina, Galia and Ivanov, Konstantin A.

Gregory, Philip D. Evaluation report. Education Endowment Foundation. Foxwell, John 'Enacting hallucinatory experience in fiction : metalepsis, agency, and the phenomenology of reading in Muriel Spark's The Comforters.

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Cunningham, Emily C. Piscopo, Maria Laura and Spannowsky, Michael and Waite, Philip 'Solving differential equations with neural networks : applications to the calculation of cosmological phase transitions.

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