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For more than a decade, Hank has lived alone in a two-bedroom apartment above a barn near Unionville, about an hour west of Philadelphia and fifteen miles north of the Mason-Dixon line. It was a Saturday in November, and in the quiet of late afternoon I could hear only the soft chill wind and the carried conversation of two Spanish-speaking bricklayers working on the other end of the property.

He loves the kids, and relishes playing some small positive role in their adolescence, a time he remembers well. Inside, as we entered the kitchen, I noticed a cardboard box full of shrink-wrapped CDs on the floor, representing the only commercially available copies of the record that Hank produced as a music-drunk teenager in Nashville forty years prior. There was never to be an HDS— Hank, lifelong owner of the album rights and the session tapes themselves, had it digitally remastered in and sold the CD himself.

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That went out of print, too, and I only learned of it after my own Aereo-Plain obsession led me to a lone track on YouTube, which has since been removed. I was eager to listen to the album with Hank, but he proposed that we take a stroll. He grabbed his knit hat and we set off down the graveled main drive and turned right, farmland stretching out on either side. Every passing truck stopped so neighbors could say hello to him. He was friendly and attentive to everyone, though we quickly pressed onward so he could tell me everything he needed to say about the afternoon that was, by his own repeated admission, the high point of his life.

Nobody was sick yet. They came in loaded for bear. All these miracles were happening. It was a perfect day. The sun was shining, and it was amazing. Unable to embed Rapid1Pixelout audio player. The bouncy blues was composed on the spot, based on an idea that had come to Hank in a dream. The band followed his lead. It was brilliant! Norman Blake showed up first, with a battered guitar case and his new girlfriend, Nancy.

A quiet man from Sulphur Springs, Georgia, Blake had been playing music professionally since , when he dropped out of school at sixteen.

By , Norman Blake had one of the most graceful and powerful right wrists in all of American guitar playing. Dave Holland had traveled down with his wife from their home in upstate New York. Hartford had disinvited himself, for reasons nobody knew. With that in mind, the music quickly spiraled away from strict country. I knew there was music coming into the world that had never been in it before. S aturday afternoon in nashville.

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It was his excitement that had led to such a generation-spanning supergroup, many of whom had not recorded together before or since. It was Hank who gave them ideas and song titles and eventually doled out their royalties.

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