Georgia divorce laws and nigerians

It is not enough proof because you did spend an anount of time together. Marriage to a foreign that ends in divorce will always lead us to believe that we were used. My advice is to move on dont dwell on it. Something similar here with me. I married her in and became citizen in but divorced her just before applying citizenship.

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The divorce was becasue of some natural reasons and we had a miscarriage as well besides 2 step kids. Now she is telling everybody that i married her just to get green card. I too was mislead by my former husband into a fraudulent marriage that he made appear real for a while. Hindsight revealed the painful truth, that he was meticulously calculating every move. He took from me the better part of my twenties. As well as advancing his education and career.

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All the while lining his pockets, claiming we were broke every step of the way. I sacrificed and budgeted a paupers penance on our 6 figure income for promise of a better future together. Little did I know that the future he spoke of never actually included me. I had a stellar credit rating prior to our marriage and lived quite well for the average woman. My divorce left me homeless and in a mountain of debt. He even took my car! He had his own car but still took mine in our divorce. He officially and acutely ended his acting career which was our marriage three days before his ten year green card arrived;n the mail.

He then went on to marry his cousin who he was originally engaged to when we were dating and brought her here to the United States! My x husband is a narcissist and the realization of his facade nearly drove me insane. Thankfully years later Iam now recovering from the dream he once sold me that ended up a nightmare. Autumn, this is so sad! I believed to have married for a lifetime; but ended up paying to have a husband who always had excuses to working and blamed everything on full time gospel preacher.

Well I told him a preacher is a calling but not necessarily a career. I hate being in this predicament, and hate that you have give your all and got nothing in return. This is how putting your life on the line for another individual can leave us, stranded. We sincerely hope to always build our trust in the one we love and marry all the while risking everything we have built up.

Sorry you had to experience this, every dog has its day!

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  6. I got my divorce and June the 2nd animal New York citizen and I want to get married to my girlfriend and I would like to know how long does it take to immigration to process her paper thank you. He got his 10 year green card and left 4 months later. I am married a citizenin I have evidence of bank account,life insurance,lease document. They can deny your case and you guys will have to appeal. Which will take more time and it is expensive. You will have to talk to your minister, iman, religious-spiritual leader to prepare a statement on your behalf to be taken with you guys when you have to attend the interview.

    Georgia Divorce Laws

    It is not an excuse to say, your husband do not want to abandon his parents, unless they are too old and do not have the means to live by themselves. Why do people get married? Because they are in love. And when a couple is really in love do not conceive the idea to live separately. In they had married, in she gained her temp visa and moved to the US, in they were ordered back to Okinawa, in she gained her permanent resident status as she was considered still in US territory due to being married to a US Marine. He cheated on her around 6 months later and and they separated trying to work it out then divorced in Oct She wants to come back to the US and her marriage ending was beyond her control.

    She has been out of US territory for as of now, 10 months with 2 to go before we are required to file for a Returning Resident Visa in order for her to be able to return to the US.

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    She has 3 kids as well from that previous marriage, all 3 are US citizens. Will they deny her returning because of that? Does she have to file to change her status first from married to single? Is her return possible this way or do we have to go through the process of marriage and then applying for a temp visa all over again and then a new green card permanent resident status afterward? Due to this delay their marriage suffered.

    She lived in another country. She was born and brought up there. She cannot go back there because she cancelled her residence visa and also resigned from her present job and sold her car and left to live with him in USA. I would like to know what will happen to her conditional green card? Have been married over 3.

    We have been Stateside for 2. I was overseas 4 years prior to this so my parents and I both filed together to complete her application. Now she is working at a good paying tech job and wants a divorce immediately. I feel used, betrayed, and that she planned this all along. The fact that there probably is someone else she is involved with further intensifies the hurt. It all came about suddenly and at her request.

    Contested divorce in Georgia/Atlanta : What is the process to follow ?

    The divorce will be final before the end of We have not children, real property, or struggles. I am not trying to salvage the relationship but my parents and I feel used and lied to. Provided that she can prove that she entered in the marriage in good faith, she can file for another green card, this time she will get the 10 year green card based on the fact that she is divorced.

    She will have to wait until she is 5 years with her green cards counting from the date she got her first green card to apply for her citizenship. Then she can marry and file for any foreigner she left behind, If you have any suspicious that this was a marriage just to get the green card, you will need documents, photos, letters, etc.

    They may cancel her green card and deport her. I met a woman in the Philippines in March , We got along great and I met her family as well. We married within one month and hired an Immigration Atty to file the forms for her Green Card. We just found out that there will be a delay and that she will have to get interviewed sometime over the next several months. Our marriage is not going well, she does not like my daughter at all and we argue about every 3 days. She claims that I did not meet all of the promises that I made her and is unhappy.

    I want to just pay for her return to the Philippines now and not complete the Green Card process. My question is do we have to get a divorce first here in the US or can she just return to the Philippines and can I file something that would annul the marriage without going through a legal divorce. Her marriage to me is not reported In the Philippines because she did not receive her Social Security Number or a Temporary Work Permit , but my marriage to her is recorded here in the US. What do I have to do if she decides to abandon me and return to the Philippines before she completes and receives her Green Card, Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you, MIchael Stith. Thank you. I married a Nigerian and just found out that he lied on his application. He has 2 kids and a girl back in Nigeria that he plans to marry and bring here. I understand I can get an annulment if I can prove he scammed me into marriage for a visa which I feel he did. But we have to be living apart and he is still hear living in a different room because we have bills together and he is helping in that area.

    I also found out that he has slept with others that he works with.