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Write a brief letter or email informing him that you find his comments hurtful and asking him to refrain from such remarks in the future. Arguing with the relative will likely be a waste of time. The family member will be on the defensive and you will be on the offensive. Meanwhile, you will have convinced her of little or nothing about racial sensitivity. Depending on your situation, you might have to set guidelines with your relative. Say, for example, that you have children. Do you want your children to hear the comments by your family member? If your relatives routinely make such comments, let them know that you will skip family gatherings with them altogether.

Organize a family trip to a museum with a social justice focus. Have a movie night at your house and screen films addressing issues of racial inequity or showing minority groups in a positive light. Start a family book club and select anti-racist literature. Much of our work is on the phone, writing letters and emails, and researching on the internet.

We also draw on support from The Salvation Army churches and social centres in the UK and around the world. Our first contact with the person sought is often made by letter with an assurance that personal information will not be disclosed to any other party unless permission is granted. They will be told the identity of the person seeking contact with them, and they will be given options for contact.

If there is hesitation about having direct contact in the first instance, relatives may correspond via the Family Tracing Service until trust is established. Whatever the decision of the person sought, this will be fully respected. Every case is different and searches can take anything from a few days to a number of years to complete. We cannot guarantee that we will be successful in finding your relative, but will of course let you know as soon as there is news to report, whatever the outcome.

Because of data protection legislation and the confidential nature of our work, we are unable to provide details of our tracing procedures, and will not disclose the whereabouts or other personal details of people we locate without first obtaining their consent. This has led to a meeting and a good time, we have exchanged a lot of information, and found UTT about our extended families, so it was a positive reaction, I would recommend it to anyone. I have just found a family member whom I didn't know existed iv written a letter to him and received one back he didn't know anything about us it's going very slowly and I don't know what will come out of it.

I agree with all the above. The more thought and effort the greater the rewards! I have included the associated part of family tree with specific photographs. Even language can be defeated, using Google translator. I have gained contact with my parents family in Hungary, leading to face book linkage and discovering my great great grand parents details this week.

Find your family. Discover yourself.

There is not always a positive result to an approach to a relative. I tracked down my husband's unknown family and he wrote a short letter asking for information about his mother. Unfortunately he got no reply. He is, however, living in hope. Being adopted so young ,its years later decided. To find my reel parents.

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At the I did find a brother and step sister. We kept in touch and still do after we lost our brother , then I thought to too look my fathers. Side realised he may have took me years to find them ,but thanks to genes united we tracked them Down I was pleased to find them so close to my area.

My answer which was in my mind all the years. Did father remarry.

Nearest Relative

And did he have any other children I know now out there I do have. I loved to meet them. And their family's. Tlme heels. May be one day we will meet.

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But got to look on their side. May never known about me ,and again they say. Its to late. But never give up. Feel peace full my questions. Been answered. By jean. What do i do now , having wrote to a first cousin that my father and myself have been looking for years for and found her last year dad has died since i got a reply that said it took too long to find her and that was that , she is the last of my dads family and i would have loved to have communicate further with her , any ideas how i can approach her via a letter again Jean.

I have found a record of someone I wish to contact. But I don't know how to find them and we're they are now etc?