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Ensure that any written passwords that you maintain are not accompanied by the account number s to which they correspond or the name of the telephone company.

Wireless Phones and the National Do-Not-Call List

If you are concerned that someone has been intercepting billing statements sent to your mailing address, you may choose to rent a post-office box. In addition, be mindful of where you discard your old bills A U. Post Office is a secure location that provides individual P. It is recommended that all consumers buy a paper shredder and use it to shred all old bills and statements. Alternatively, you may choose to tear or burn old bills and statement before discarding them. Education Foundation Consumer Federation of California. And, the iOS app integrates with your iPhone's Phone app so you can see incoming calls on your lock screen or in your Recent Calls list, and call people back without opening Dialpad's app.

Fun fact: If Dialpad sounds familiar, that's because its domain has a history dating back to the turn of the century. Dialpad Communication was originally an online calls app, later acquired by Yahoo!. Today's Dialpad dates back to and the Firespotter Labs calls app Switch that was later rebranded as Dialpad. RingCentral offers everything you'd expect from a virtual phone system, but with one cool twist: It integrates with tons of third-party services including Zapier, to make your phone system far more powerful. For example, you can use Zapier to log all of your RingCentral calls in a Google Sheet for easy call tracking.

Or, you can log calls directly to your CRM, or use its Outlook integration to place calls right from your inbox. The RingCentral mobile app routes all calls over your phone's internet connection. To make a call, launch the RingCentral application and use its built-in dialer or company directory to dial-out; incoming calls appear as notifications, and can be picked up by simply swiping on the notification.

Unlike other services on this list, RingCentral has an Apple Watch app too. This companion app shows text messages, transcribed voicemail, and a list of missed calls directly on your wrist. You can even reply to RingCentral texts on your Apple Watch using your standard quick responses. RingCentral also includes a suite of useful intra-office communication tools.

Telemarketing and Unwanted Calls

You can start audio and video conferences with other employees on your team—something especially useful for remote teams. Additionally, you can use RingCentral to host live webinars for an added fee. This is useful for employee training and virtual tradeshows as you can live broadcast audio, webcam video, and slideshow decks to up to 3, viewers from the same tool you use for business calls.

AirCall is a virtual phone system built for sales and support teams. The service has an advanced robo-operator with skill and time-based call routing to send a call to the person who knows how to answer their question, or who just has time to take the call.

15 Amazing Phone Functions You Had No Idea Existed

It includes excellent call tracking and analytic tools too—an important feature for managing support teams. AirCall lets you view client call-in history, make notes about clients and support tickets, and track performance using analytics. AirCall also works just as well for normal office phone calls. Making calls using AirCall is simple: Just launch the mobile or desktop application and use its dialer to place a call. Inbound calls appear as notifications on your phone or desktop.

Finally, unlike others on this list, AirCall lets you get a business phone number in over 40 countries around the globe. Your company mainline and single employee lines can be assigned numbers in multiple countries, so your company can have a local presence just about anywhere. Unlike the rest of the list, FreedomVoice CloudPhone is designed to work with a physical phone.

It includes a barebones Polycom VVX desk phone for each user on your team. These phones come pre-configured and plug into an ethernet jack; no on-site phone server or IT involvement is needed. You're not tied to the desk phone though. CloudPhone's mobile app includes all the functionality of the desk phone and can be used anywhere in the world. It's strictly a phone system, though, without text messaging or internal office communications, so you'll still need a team chat app for that.

However, the provided deskphone or desktop apps route calls over your office internet connection. CloudPhone has one more interesting albeit a bit dated feature: Faxing. Sending faxes is easy too—just scan in your document and send it using CloudPhone's website. Grasshopper is different from the other virtual phone systems on this list. The service assigns one number to your company and gives each employee and department a unique extension.

Customers are greeted by a robo-greeter when they dial your company, and can then dial in the extension of the employee they want to speak with. Calls are then forwarded to the respective employee's phone. Dialing out is simple too: Just launch the Grasshopper app on your mobile on your and make a call using its dealer.

How do I get a list of incoming and outgoing calls - Cricket Wireless Community - Forum

Unlike other virtual phone systems on this list, Grasshopper solely relies on the cell network for all inbound and outbound calls. Like mentioned earlier, this is better for call reliability, but may put a damper on employees who have limited minutes on their phone plan.

How to restrict telemarketers from calling your number

Even though calls are routed over the cell network, Grasshopper still includes voicemail. Do you need stellar office communication features? RingCentral is the way to go.

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Do you need a low-cost solution? Grasshopper is your best bet. However, the cost per minute—and potentially needing to reimburse employees for cell minutes—can add up.

1. You overshare your number

Additionally, team members will only have phone extensions rather than dedicated numbers. Regardless, it works well as a phone system for newer companies who want a dedicated company number. Do you need integrations with other cloud services? There you have it: The best cloud-based virtual phone systems. Whether you run an entire remote team or are an independent contractor, these services take the hassle out of managing a business phone system and ensures that your team never misses a call.

Has your team moved to a cloud phone system? Let us know what service you use in the comments. Andrew is a freelance writer and user experience nerd from Chicago, IL. Follow andrewkunesh on Twitter. Comments powered by Disqus.

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