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Skip to main content. L Search. Surrey History Centre In this section. Historical and cultural definitions Gypsies are thought to have arrived in Britain from the northern Indian sub-continent around Terminology Identifying historical records is particularly difficult because of the different words used to refer to the Travelling community and to describe their lifestyle. Persecution A quick glance at the legislation and punishments in England for being termed a Gypsy will show you why researching travelling ancestors can be difficult.

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Tips from the experts The Romany and Traveller Family History Society RTFHS are the experts in this area of genealogy and they suggest the following starting points: Talk to older relatives for clues and family stories. Old family photos can help to identify Gypsy heritage. Photographs taken at gatherings such as hop picking or fairs might be a sign, although these were often annual events which brought together families from many backgrounds, not just Gypsies and Travellers.

Oral traditions are strong within the community and although often mixed with English, the Romany language is still in use in the UK; listen closely when older family members speak, joke or quarrel. Use online genealogy indexes with caution. Transcription errors with travelling names are rife and many indexes are incomplete.

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Showmen and Fairground Folk These are a distinctive group often not viewed as part of the Travelling community. Occupations Historically, ancestors with itinerant occupations may be recorded as hawkers or pedlars but not all were Gypsies. What's in a name?

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Religion Although Gypsies and Travellers cannot be distinguished by their religion, there have been periods in which evangelical movements have had strong followings in these communities. Gypsies and Travellers in housing It is important to remember that many travelling families have been settled for generations. Surrey places with strong links to the Travelling community Many areas of Surrey have well-established links to the Travelling community.

It is worth noting: Areas of Surrey's heathland and around bridges, rivers and estates may prove worthwhile for tracking down travelling ancestors; some regularly pitched tents by Walton and Chertsey bridges. Gypsies and Travellers may have passed through Surrey into other counties, so it is worth checking the collections of neighbouring county record offices. Check when events associated with the Travelling community were held, such as race meetings and horse fairs, which would have attracted Travelling families countrywide as a place of meeting and dealing.

The Epsom Derby occurs in June and is a traditional annual gathering point for Gypsies from Surrey and beyond and the census returns regularly record Gypsy families camping on the Epsom Downs. Opportunities for seasonal work around the country led people to spend winter in one place, start early farm work shortly after Easter e. The summer months also traditionally provided work opportunities in coastal resorts. We have generated a list of links to digitized books of interest to Cuban Genealogy.

These books are available on-line for free download. Please continue letting us know of any others that you discover so we can all mutually benefit from these resources. In this new version, still in the pilot stage, you can not only do the same searches as in the traditional version but, in addition, you can see an image of the original document by clicking on the small image that appears at the upper right.

Eventually this service will completely replace the need for consulting microfilms. Many documents from various Spain Archives have been and are still being digitized and placed on the web. The web site interface has recently been updated and is now much easier to use and you no longer have to register. You can search all the archives by any desired text including personal names , and limit your search to a certain date range.

You will then get a listing of all the archives having documents that match your seach criteria. Clicking on the name of an archive will bring up a list of the relevant documents in that archive, Many of these documents will show a small camera icon.

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Clicking on a camera icon will bring up small images of all the pages of the original document. The following old Cuban Telephone Directories have been digitized and are available on-line:. With permission of the publisher, a Cumulative Index and all 57 issues of the Revista of the Cuban Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City have been digitized and are available here for download. Click on the above headline to reach this resource.

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This parish includes people from Carloway and Shawbost. Our database now includes records for Harris, Point, Lochs, Stornoway and Uig making for a total of 80, people. In this book, the fifth of a series on different parishes in the Western Isles, Bill Lawson is making much of this information available for the first time to the general public, both those with a specific interest in genealogy, and also those with a more general interest in the history of these interesting and beautiful islands off the Atlantic coast of Scotland.